Learning from Trial and Tragedy

Today I want to share a story with you about an event that happened in my hometown. This event happened well over a year ago, and violently shook the community. It was sad and terrifying, but I feel like events like this give us an important opportunity to reflect on what’s most important.

On the morning of May 6, 2021, I was driving home from an appointment in Driggs, ID. I was driving south on the highway, and I was getting ready to pass someone when I checked my blind spot and saw a state police cruiser, lights blazing and siren wailing. He flew past me, followed almost immediately by a second officer, going much faster than the posted speed limit. I naturally wondered what was going on, but didn’t think too much about it until I got off the highway and passed another state officer, also going as fast as he could with siren and lights going. At that point, I knew something major was going on.

Not 30 seconds later, my son called me and asked if I had heard the news. When I said I hadn’t, he told me that there had been a shooting at the local middle school. As later reports stated, there were relatively few victims of this particular school shooting, and they were all eventually able to make a full recovery. But the repercussions of this event still had a tremendous effect on our community, causing many to stop and reflect on their lives.

This event also prompted great reflection for me. I started thinking about what I was doing in my life, and why I was doing it. Was I actually focusing on the things that are most important? If I died suddenly, would I be able to say that I was the man I needed to be? As I pondered questions like these, I came to the conclusion that, as always, I could do better. Life is about the moments with your loved ones. It’s about the times when things don’t go exactly to plan. It’s about those times that you’ll never forget.

Someday, somehow, tragedy will strike. None of us is exempt. However, it is times like these that can help us to refocus and recommit, if we let them. I invite you to reflect on these questions, even if you’re not experiencing tragedy in your life now. The answers to these questions affect everything in your life; good or bad – the decision is yours.

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3 thoughts on “Learning from Trial and Tragedy”

  1. Life events bring change to our lives and not always seemingly in a good way. Our current climate of gun violence and total disrespect for life steals the innocence of our lives. To be able to stop, in the middle of nowhere and realize how fortunate we are to be given this life gives pause at the hopelessness of the shooter who gave up thinking they could make a difference with the gifts they were given. You are right, none of us knows tomorrow. It is said the policeman has one goal, to make it home safe every night while they serve their community. It is my prayer we all take that mission to heart; look into the eyes of the ones you grab lunch bags for and quickly hand sign whatever permission slips or acknowledgement are required. Even if only for a second, look with love into their eyes and let each other know that in this place we call home we are committed to loving each other and setting that example for generations to come by our actions today. Thanks Dustin, it was worth reading more than once.

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