Principles of Prosperity: The Final Word

I’ve recently been posting about what I call the “Principles of Prosperity.” I’ve been hoping to give you a brief introduction that will pique your interest. I’ve purposely not given you tons of information on them. That’s because of another principle: what you sacrifice for becomes more meaningful. You will appreciate these principles more if you sacrifice time and effort to learn them more deeply on your own.

I know what kind of sacrifice this may entail, but the results are so worth it! I also know most of you who are still reading this will not explore them any further. I’ve told my story many times. I feel like I sometimes make it sound like for 12 years I did one thing, and then switched over night and started getting completely different results. The truth is, I was studying these principles for several years. As I found a principle that was duplicated by several successful people, I would start applying it in my life and my business. I failed sometimes. But ultimately, as I applied them over time, these principles helped me achieve success.

I hope you’ll take the time to study these principles yourself, and learn how best to apply them in your life and your circumstances. To review briefly, these principles are:

  1.       Pay yourself first
  2.       Pay charity second
  3.       Money is only a tool
  4.       Money follows value
  5.       Technology’s purpose is to serve its master
  6.       Success is accelerated when you surround yourself with others
  7.       People thrive when they love what they do
  8.       80% of success comes from 20% of effort (the Pareto Principle)
  9.       People expand work to fit time (the Parkinson’s Principle)
  10.   Averages and cycles rule the universe (law of averages)
  11.   What you focus on becomes greater
  12.   Integrity will ultimately make or break you
  13.   Prosperity comes through action
  14.   Velocity of money is exponential
  15.   Replication increases productivity
  16.   Freedom and liberty fertilize creativity

As you take the time to study and apply these principles in your life, I promise you will find success. It may not come without some mistakes and setbacks. In fact, it probably won’t. But it will come nevertheless, if you’re willing to apply yourself and make it happen!

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3 thoughts on “Principles of Prosperity: The Final Word”

  1. I like the people expand work to fit the time. I know that’s often true. It’s a struggle for me because I provide the flow of work to my staff and if I give them too much, they feel overwhelmed and if I give them too little, they still work full days, but produce less. It’s a balance that I struggle with.

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