You Are Important, Too!

We all have our hobbies. I’ve talked to people who enjoy everything from quilting to drag racing to bird watching, and everything in between. Hobbies are an important part of our lives, but so often these days we don’t make time to do them. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, with the to-do list looming bigger and bigger, the problems constantly mounting, and your hair becoming awash with gray as you try to keep up. So much to do, and so very little time.

This is no way to live. I talk a lot about spending time working on your business, not just in it. It’s equally (if not more) important to spend on-it-not-in-it time in your personal life. Going through the motions won’t cut it. Taking time for yourself needs to be a priority if you want to lead a happy and successful life.

That being said, I know things get busy. There was a day recently that a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in a little while reached out to me in the morning and asked what I was doing for lunch. I didn’t have any plans, so we made plans to meet up for lunch. The day that followed was one problem after another. I would put out one fire just to turn around and find another one sparking to life somewhere else. The point is, it would have been easy to say that I was too busy, too much had gone wrong, and I couldn’t make it to lunch. Instead, I went. We sat in the pizza parlor and talked for probably an hour. When I got back, none of my problems had disappeared; in fact, some of them had escalated and gotten worse. But I was better able to handle it because I had taken time for myself.

I get questions from people about how to take time for yourself when things are so busy. What I’m trying to illustrate in the above example is that taking time for yourself isn’t complicated. It’s as simple as walking away, locking the office door behind you, and meeting your friend for lunch. It’s as simple as saying no to bringing work home with you. Making sure your customers are happy is important, yes. However, you will be much better at that as you take time for yourself. So don’t overthink it; just go do it!

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4 thoughts on “You Are Important, Too!”

  1. This is a darned good reminder. I’ve been a jerk to my kids all summer because I’ve been so involved in work and not relaxed enough to enjoy their company. Going to spend time with them this week. Thanks, Dustin! -Ben

  2. If you’re an appraiser and a gardener, they work quite well together. I like to take small breaks from the computer and tend to the garden. It is amazing how much more calm I am all day as a result. I know this because in the winter I’m much more stressed when I can’t go out and work in the garden and business is not nearly as busy in the winter.

  3. My WORK has always been about God, family, country and friends and regardless of the hours, months, and or in my case decades spent on appraising it has always been the release from what truly important. Rest assured Bill Johnson fans, when the whistle blows and appraiser mode is engaged, or when the subject does come up, I’m ready for battle even if it takes years of continuous education as is the case with Dustin and his merry band of limited comments no-stars.

    Seek the truth.

    1. I agree with Bill Johnson! Always God first, family second, work third. Bill this means a lot. Commenting on the substance of the blog. After my three decades, I am also having more fun appraising then ever.

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