Can You Be an Appraiser and an Agent at the Same Time?

It is possible to be simultaneously licensed and practicing as a real estate appraiser while also being a licensed and practicing real estate agent. The answer is yes, but there are a couple potential conflicts of interest that you should be wary of. 

First of all, there needs to be a clear line between when an individual is acting as an appraiser and when one is acting as an agent. They cannot overlap at all. Obviously, there would be a clear conflict of interest if an appraiser were ever to appraise a home that was also their listing or that they had any type of personal interest in. Appraisers who act as both should be sure to be clear on when they are wearing their agent hat and when they are wearing an appraiser hat. 

While there is not always one right answer when it comes to some grey areas that may arise as an appraiser and agent works in both professions, it is important to always disclose any relationships or potential conflicts of interest. How a situation appears to others is also important because even though a professional may not feel something is immoral, a judge may see it differently.

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  2. I agree with Gary. I have been both an appraiser and agent for almost 29 years. I am very careful to explain to my real estate clients which “hat” I am wearing. We have also made it a company policy that we do not do any BPO’s, because we do not want anyone reading a BPO to think we are doing an appraisal. Even if we were to state that the report was not an appraisal, I think that some would argue that because I hold that appraisal license, they would hold us to the higher standard. We are in a small area, and there have been multiple times over the years that I have received orders to do appraisals on properties that I am selling. I just have to explain to the lender I cannot not do the appraisal because of the conflict of interest.

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