Replication: The Road to Productivity

I want to share a principle with you. And when you hear it, it won’t be some earth-shattering revelation. It’s probably something that you already know, something that already makes sense. The principle is this: replication increases productivity.

Think about it. In your business right now, there are probably at least a few things that you do over and over again, day in and day out. There’s no way to avoid it. Every job has those things that have to be done consistently, that repeat again and again in a never-ending cycle. But this principle begs the question: can you replicate that action?

You’ve heard me talk before about the importance of having a book of procedures. It sounds ridiculous to some, but this is the principle behind it. If you try to re-invent the wheel every time you do a particular task, you’ll spend all your time inventing the wheel and none of it riding in the wagon. However, if you take the time to determine a procedure that you can repeat over and over and over again, you will save yourself so much time.  Even if it only saves you 15 seconds per time, those seconds add up to minutes, hours, and days even.  

This principle is incredibly simple. Some people may be surprised at how simple success really is. The difference between successful people and the unsuccessful isn’t knowledge of principles like this; it’s application. So next time you find yourself doing something consistently, take some time to determine if you have a procedure for it. Is it repeatable? As you apply this principle, you will become more productive, which will help you become more successful.

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  1. It’s to bad Dustings book of procedures put profits before principles. From a past blog of yours, any word regarding if cubicle 3 received a raise? Is she now pulling/determining comps in less than a minute to meet your book standards? How about your helper in the Philippines, is she still making less than $4 an hour?

    Seek the truth.

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