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I’ve talked about the importance of paying yourself first, and how living that principle will bless your life. Equally important, however, is its sister principle: pay 10% to charity second. When you pay 10% to yourself and 10% to others, amazing things happen.

This is one principle that I can’t really quantify and tell you why it works. It’s not like the principle of paying yourself first. It’s pretty obvious how paying yourself first leads to a more prosperous and successful way of life. But paying 10% to other people in order to become prosperous yourself doesn’t compute on paper.

Even though it doesn’t make sense at first, let me tell you: it works. I’ve lived this principle since I was a kid. I’m not always perfect at it, and the direction that money goes has changed some over the years. However, regardless of where that money has gone, it has been a blessing in my life when I make sure it goes toward some form of charity.

There’s something that changes within you when you set money aside to help others. I believe that having the ability to choose whether or not to give 5 bucks to the guy with a cardboard sign on the street corner outside Walmart changes you, regardless of what you ultimately choose to do.

The beauty of this principle is that, again, it can be applied to anyone in any circumstance. I love that this principle comes in the form of a percent. This means that it can be adjusted to match your income. If you make less, you pay less. But either way, whether you’re raking in cash or just getting by, this principle leaves you without excuse. No matter how little or how much you make, living this principle will change your life for the better.

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13 thoughts on “Giving to Charity”

  1. The first 50% goes to the AMC’s, followed by 10% to yourself, 10% to charity, 20% towards taxes, and finally 10% for expenses. No wonder the state of CA is losing nearly one appraiser per day.

    Seek the truth Kevin.

  2. Actually, the order of giving is 10% to God THEN 10% to yourself. Yes, giving to charity is a great feeling and giving means receiving blessings in return. But the order is God first.

  3. Like Dustin said it doesn’t make sense on paper, but the blessings my family have received when we’ve committed to share a set % of what we’ve earned each month is incalculable. Like another poster said, give God the first %, and then pay yourself and the bills. Unfortunately I’ve gotten away from this in the past couple of years but was just thinking about this last week, and so this post from Dustin was very timely. Thank you and God bless.

  4. The funny thing my financial situtaion really turned around when I started back in church about 15 years ago and giving the tithes. I watched a television evangelist from Houston for years and I was really able to relate to some things he preached. One of the main things was that if you try and do everything for yourself will never be satisifed. The only true satisfaction in life comes from helpling others and doing the things you do for other people. I was very successful at a young age in appraising as I started when I was 22 and was opened my own business when I was 26 in the middle of a refinance boom and I was very successful, but I was not fullfilled or financially stable. We spent like the sun was always shinning and there would never been rain. Then came 2007 and everything changed. I then took a long hard look at my life and realized what Joel was saying was true you can never satisfy yourself. Now I tithes the church, give to St Judes, and basically give everything thing I make to my family. Some people may think that it is crazy, but having a mindset of doing everything I do to help others has lead to amazing success in the life and I am now happy and it is not because of my income, house, cars, happy healthy family. It is because everything I do is in the mindset of doing to help others and that is a very free way to live.

  5. So true!!! And yes, God first…. And congratulations Jamie… Joel is quite a motivator.

    And to Bill Johnson… God bless you. I don’t know what hardened your heart, but I pray you find healing and happiness.

  6. I bleed red, white, and blue with God, family, country, and appraising being at the top of my list. Calling out bull crap in this profession has not hardened my heart Denise, but rather on a daily basis gives me the ability to open the eyes of others to the evil in this industry. If you want a cold heart, I would suggest speaking with Jamie D who has expressed “he loves working with AMC’s” ( ).

    Good luck to you Denise.

    Seek the truth.

  7. Bill is spot on. We need more people like Bill. He’s not afraid to speak the truth. People like the “Appraiser Coach” are preying on appraisers who are down on their luck and out of work. Sure, the “Appraiser Coach” will give you his profound wisdom…from the safety of his W2 job working for an AMC.

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