The Decision to Act

The key to success isn’t great ideas. Everyone has great ideas. I’ve had so many people come to me with an idea they had and say, “Dustin, isn’t this a great idea?” And, quite often, their idea really is good. But there’s something very important that separates good ideas from successful implementation. Nothing would happen if good ideas weren’t acted upon. In other words, the key to success is action.

Think about it. Think of the friends you have that are successful, and the friends you have who aren’t. Think of the friends you have who accomplish their dreams and those that don’t. What’s the difference? Most likely, the difference is that those who are successful act on their ideas and dreams. They know that the greatest ideas and the biggest dreams won’t come into being on their own; instead, they’re won through hard work and effort.

This does mean that you will fail. Name any successful person you know, and chances are very good that they’ve failed at something somewhere along the way. That’s not meant to be discouraging; failure is part of the learning process! If you want to learn how to be successful, get out there and fail a few times! Failure comes through action, but so do your dreams. I’d be willing to bet that you will never be able to accomplish your dreams without a little failure.

The difference between the 98 percent and the 2 percent can be summed up in one word: action. If you don’t act on your ideas and your dreams, you won’t accomplish much. You’ll probably stumble somewhere along the way, but the important thing isn’t the stumble; it’s the choice you make to rise up afterwards and act. 

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6 thoughts on “The Decision to Act”

  1. How true.. It is also very rewarding. Enjoy the journey. Creating a business plan and blocking out time, to work on something furthers your self confidence and allows you to accomplish more. For me, committing to an action allows me to hyper focus on a task. The mistakes you make become fewer and fewer.

  2. Thanks Dustin. I am ready to join your mastermind group and also maybe some private coaching lessons!

    Seek the truth.

  3. And this action is how Dustin has been collecting money off the backs of appraisers ever since. Although morally bankrupt, congratulations as your snake oil campaign has been very successful on the weak minded appraiser want to be. Do you still have the buy one get one free VHS videos on how to appraise? Asking for a friend.

    Seek the truth.

    1. I am going to come clean. I have never appraised a house in my life. Go ahead. Try to find my license.

      Seek the truth.

      1. I did. As we have established years ago, the great “seek the truth” Bill Johnson is using a fake name.

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